Sasha is a Russian-born American artist who now resides in Northwest Arkansas. Since 2013, he has been an active muralist in the local arts community. In 2016, Sasha combined his love for Art, JDM cars, and screen printing to create the Apparel brand "Yankii Special" with the brand launching in 2020, showcasing his admiration for Japanese automobiles through unique designs. Sasha's commitment to his community and car culture led him to conceive Tougecon in 2021, an event that brings together JDM car enthusiasts to celebrate the intersection of car culture and beautiful scenery. From his Russian roots to his current artistic endeavors, Sasha continues to make a lasting impact in the art and automotive scenes, showcasing his passion and creativity.


Caleb is a first-generation Chinese American who was born and raised in California. With a background in process engineering, professional project management, past and present ownership of 7 businesses, and a Masters in Business Administration, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to TougeCon. Having been actively involved in the JDM scene in California and Arkansas since 2008, Caleb's passion for Japanese vehicles is exceptional. Joining TougeCon in early 2022, his dedication and meticulous planning abilities have helped craft unforgettable automotive events that leave a lasting impact.